The Future of Work: the Emerging Metaspace Economy

Erica Orange

The Future Hunters Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Learn More About This Speaker

How will the growth areas of tomorrow shape the future of work?

This interview is an insider’s look at how the world of work is changing.

As a futurist for one of the world’s leading futurist consulting firms, Erica’s perspective draws upon an extensive evaluation of emerging social, technological, economic, political, demographic and environmental trends. She is a walking encyclopedia about future trends, and does a great job of translating the big picture into what we need to know and prepare for to thrive down the road. Listen in to help you get ahead of the curve, anticipate what is coming, and plan and act with that context in mind.

One of the ways that the middle class is reinventing itself is by cobbling together a series of micro-gigs. This whole notion of continuous employment in one career in many ways is now a fallacy, and many millennials know that this is the new reality for them.
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