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Crafting the Story of Your Personal Brand

Pam Slim

Ganas Consulting LLC CEO Learn More About This Speaker

Pam, author of acclaimed books Body of Work and Escape from Cubicle Nation, is both a mentor and one of my favorite people. Her prior interview with me was a huge hit and I’m fortunate to have her back again. This interview is an insider’s look at the keys to building a strong, authentic personal […]

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Fear: the #1 Barrier to Career Change

Louise Goeckel

Let's Go Forward! Career Consultant + World of Work Expert Learn More About This Speaker

Do you have unfulfilled dreams? To fulfill those dreams, you most likely need to make some changes. The biggest challenge that most of us face with doing so is fear — and its cousin, resistance. This interview is an insider’s look at how to bust through fears so that you can achieve your ideal life and career.

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How to Build a Relationship with a Recruiter

Celia Stern

Stern Resources Interview and Job Search Consultant Learn More About This Speaker

Celia Stern, an experienced Job Search Consultant, talks with Merideth about art of selecting a recruiter and how to build a positive relationship to achieve a successful job search. If you have ever wondered about the mysterious world of recruiting, you won’t want to miss this discussion.

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Leap: Leaving a Job with No Plan B

Tess Vigeland

Author, veteran journalist & former host of NPR's Marketplace Learn More About This Speaker

Tess has been on an incredible journey, leaping from her “dream job” into the great unknown, without a career plan for the first time in her life. You’ll hear her incredible story of self-discovery and how sometimes not having a plan is the best way to get what you truly want.

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Parenting + Entrepreneurship: Integrating the Two

Cassandra Massey

Law Office of Cassandra C. Massey, P.C. Personal Family Lawyer Learn More About This Speaker

A lot of moms – as well as dads – wonder how to manage being both a hands-on parent while running a successful business. It’s certainly a juggling act! Mer and Cassandra Massey, Estate Planning Attorney and mom of two young boys, discuss tried and tested strategies that each employ in their respective lives and businesses.

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The Importance of a Phenomenal Photo

Nancy Rothstein

Nancy Rothstein Photography Photographer Learn More About This Speaker

Have you been wondering if you really need a professional headshot for LinkedIn? Nancy, my in-house professional photographer and a master at her craft, discusses: Why a professional photograph is essential, now more than ever How your photo can help or hurt your career Roadblocks to having a great professional photo What a photo shoot […]

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