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To Cover Letter or Not

Madelyn Mackie

Madelyn Mackie & Associates Resume Writer and Career Coach Learn More About This Speaker

Is a cover letter still relevant in a modern job search? Madelyn and I get asked this question a lot when working on client resumes. There is a swirl of uncertainty around the importance – and format – of the cover letter in today’s job search. This interview is an insider’s look at when and how […]

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Using Assessment to Help Guide a Mid-life Career Change

Helen Horyza

Scully Career Associates MS, NCCC Learn More About This Speaker

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who followed a passion into business and now the business is running you, a career professional working in a job that gives you a paycheck and nothing else, or a parent who has been at home and is planning a return to the paid work force, working with the Elevations Career […]

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Your Joyful Career

Merideth Mehlberg

Merideth Mehlberg Int'l Executive Coach, Career Strategist & CEO Learn More About This Speaker

Give yourself the gift of a passionate and fulfilling career – and life! Listen to learn: how the clues to your authentic livelihood lie within YOU, and how to harness that valuable information to design the future you crave the sure-fire way to increase your self-confidence, which will transform your interactions with employers, colleagues and clients why […]

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