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A Business Leader’s Search for Meaning

Peter Weis

Matson Navigation VP and CIO Learn More About This Speaker

Listen in as Peter discusses what make a great leader – and a great life!  This is a rare opportunity to hear how a successful executive blends achievement of key company objectives with a strong commitment to personal values, employee engagement and community impact, and how you can find similar success. Peter has been selected one of the CIO […]

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Benefits of Publishing a Book

Stephanie Gunning

Lincoln Square Books Publishing Consultant, Editor, and Founding Partner Learn More About This Speaker

When you publish a book and promote it effectively, you build your name, your reputation, and a larger audience for your services. You can use a book to: Establish yourself as an expert in your field or industry. Educate, inspire, and meet the needs of your readers. Enhance your relationship with your clients and customers. […]

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From doer to leader, changing how we “win” on the job

Merideth Mehlberg

Merideth Mehlberg Int'l Executive Coach, Career Strategist & CEO Learn More About This Speaker

Navigating the transition from “doer” to “leader” requires skill, awareness, humility and much more. When you achieve a certain level of success in your career, you eventually reach a point where you have advanced to the point where you are out of your comfort zone, where the ways you have previously operated to garner success, recognition […]

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Full-Spectrum Leadership

Dave Logan

CultureSync Senior Partner & President Learn More About This Speaker

A master of Rhetoric and the guy who helped put “tribes” front and center in the global lexicon, Dave helps us understand how to use the tension of light and dark forces inside ourselves – and our organizations – to truly make a difference and live a life of purposeful action. Here is the CBS news […]

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Test Often and Fail Fast: The Art of Rapid Deployment to Quickstart Your Business

Pam Slim

Ganas Consulting LLC CEO Learn More About This Speaker

How often do you get a great idea to create a new project, or write a book, or start a new business venture, but never do anything about it? Most people have a big problem translating a big idea into feasible, actionable and most importantly, tiny steps. In this interview, Pamela Slim will teach you […]

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