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Parenting + Entrepreneurship: Integrating the Two

Cassandra Massey

Law Office of Cassandra C. Massey, P.C. Personal Family Lawyer Learn More About This Speaker

A lot of moms – as well as dads – wonder how to manage being both a hands-on parent while running a successful business. It’s certainly a juggling act! Mer and Cassandra Massey, Estate Planning Attorney and mom of two young boys, discuss tried and tested strategies that each employ in their respective lives and businesses.

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Test Often and Fail Fast: The Art of Rapid Deployment to Quickstart Your Business

Pam Slim

Ganas Consulting LLC CEO Learn More About This Speaker

How often do you get a great idea to create a new project, or write a book, or start a new business venture, but never do anything about it? Most people have a big problem translating a big idea into feasible, actionable and most importantly, tiny steps. In this interview, Pamela Slim will teach you […]

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Achieve More by Doing Less

Dr. Christine Carter

Greater Good Science Center Sociologist & Senior Fellow Learn More About This Speaker

Would you like to accomplish more with less effort and time? Presenting the latest research on positivity, productivity and elite performance, Christine Carter, PhD. demonstrates a sweet paradox:  by doing less, we can actually accomplish more. Vividly rendering intriguing research and lively anecdotal evidence (including her own backstory), Carter offers a practical game plan for mitigating stress […]

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Getting Out of Your Own Way

Merideth Mehlberg

Merideth Mehlberg Int'l Executive Coach, Career Strategist & CEO Learn More About This Speaker

Drawn from the works of Byron Katie, Martha Beck and other thought leaders, Mer shares about how to build awareness, observation skills and ultimately success when dealing with the personal mental and emotional “stuff” that gets in the way of having what you want in life, professionally and otherwise. Resources cited in this presentation include: […]

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Retreat for Success: Launch the Year with Intention

Merideth Mehlberg

Merideth Mehlberg Int'l Executive Coach, Career Strategist & CEO Learn More About This Speaker

As the year begins, there is an opportunity, if we take it, to pause and prepare intentionally to close out the past year with gratitude and mindfulness, and greet the new year with open hearts, focused intention and clear expectations. Join me as we discuss a blueprint for your own personal beginning-of-year retreat, so you have […]

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