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Architecture careers are perfect for people who appreciate buildings as an art form and have creative visual orientation and enjoy working with clients to create structures. Career in architecture is always in demand as the population that grows need places to stay, work, eat, worship, recreation and other activities.  The final stepping stone on your quest for a career in architecture sees you complete the final qualifying exam which focuses on professional practice and management.

Anyone who is talented in design, imagining how a house or building could be constructed or who likes to draw may have the talent to find a successful career in architecture.  An architect is responsible for designing and planning the interior workings and foundation of a home or building.  Architects are responsible for drawing up plans and blueprints for towering city buildings, small country homes and luxurious mansions.  A successful architect must be versatile and imaginative while maintaining respect for the customer’s wishes.

There are a number of jobs available in the world of architecture and designing homes may be a career in itself.  A qualified individual may produce a blueprint, which consists of both interior and exterior elevations, foundation and floor plans, roof details, electrical layouts, cross sections and other general instructions.

Salaries for landscape architects vary depending on years of experience, location, and position.  Average salaries for those pursuing careers in   architecture   tend to start in the $50,000 to $100,000 range.  Landscape architectural salaries vary depending on the years of experience, geographical location and type of position.  Engineering and architecture careers are wide ranging.  Like most professionals, architects have the option to pursue work at a small, mid-sized or large company after they become properly licensed.  Each type of company offers different benefits and drawbacks.

In order to find a career in architecture, an individual must become licensed through an accrediting agency.  In addition, an architect must become familiar with building codes, local laws and regulations and must be skilled in their craft.  In order to learn this information, architectural hopefuls must pursue a college degree and learn firsthand how the process works.

In addition to designing a home or building, architecture also includes making adjustments to already developed plans.  This may include altering blueprints for a home or business in order to be customized to the individual’s needs.  Many individuals hire an architect to design their construction, but others decide to enlist a professional later.  If problems arise in the construction or they simply need a helping hand, many individuals and companies turn to the world of architecture for a professional evaluation and redesign. 

Concerns surrounding both energy costs and safety have, in recent years, prompted many areas to require an architect’s seal be placed on a blueprint prior to construction.  In addition to the actual design process, many architects review plans and offer consultation services on independent creations.

While many architects find great success within a firm or working directly with homebuilders, many find that they are happy working on a freelance or consultant basis.  This means that they work directly with the company or individual, own and operate their own business and handle every decision within the company.  The freedom of self employment in the world of architecture can be very fulfilling, both financially and emotionally.  Much like a doctor, lawyer or accountant who branches out into their own private practice, an architect may also enjoy that same freedom.

Architecture careers have a great deal to offer for those who are interested in design. 

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