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In most cases, the best careers for anyone are in areas that they feel naturally drawn to. Job seekers have it tough in these troubled times, especially in going after big-name careers. You’ll need a career that pays top dollar for a start, but how to determine which one has the most potential?

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Practically speaking, you need a job. Getting the best careers in life is one of the most fulfilling achievements a person can have.  Career assessment tests also prove highly useful for those candidates who are not completely aware of their skills, strengths and talents.  In the job market out there today it has become crucial that an employee have the skill for the job. People who think about the top high-paying jobs often consider 100k jobs as the best careers to have.

Best Careers: High Demand Jobs

1. Network Systems Analysts.

(Average Salary: $ 45,000) The network systems analyst field is predicted to increase by 45 per cent by 2019. The dizzying increase in demand for computers and information technology has a great need for highly skilled professionals to develop and update systems for new technologies.

2. Surgeon Assistant.

(Average Salary: $ 30,000) The demand for surgeon assistants is predicted to increase by 50 per cent by the year 2019. Surgeon assistants are formally trained to offer health services as directed by a surgeon. Most surgeon assistants work in pediatric and family care. Since the healthcare industry is predicted to further expand, this field is chosen as one of the fastest growing industry by 2019.

3. Medical Assistants.

(Average Salary: $ 40,000) This career field is expected to grow at least 60 per cent by the year 2019. Medical assistants usually perform supervisory and miscellaneous tasks for physicians and general practitioners to help their clinics maintain its smooth operation.

4. Medical Transcription,

records and health information technicians. (Average Salary: $ 40,000) The medical transcription field is expected to grow at least 50 per cent through the year 2019. The main tasks of a medical transcriptionist are organization and evaluation of healthcare records, which include symptomal information of patients, medical history, and laboratory examination results. Through the fast increase of medical examinations and procedures, job opportunities in the medical transcription field are vastly increasing.

5. Software Engineers.

(Average Salary: $ 45,000) The software engineering field is expected to grow by 50 per cent by the year 2019. Software engineers basically create and design new computer software by applying recent technologies in a wide array of computer applications. People in this field analyze client needs and construct computer applications and programs using programming languages, depending on the specific purpose.

6. Physical Therapist Aides.

(Average Salary: $ 40,000) With the increasing number of people with disabilities, job opportunities in the physical therapy field is expected to increase by 47 per cent. Physical therapist aides are basically in charge in providing services to assist in developing mobility, decrease pain or avoid permanent damages to patients with physical disabilities.

7. Gym Instructors and Trainers.

(Average Salary: $ 34,000) The demand for gym instructors and trainers is expected to increase by 45 per cent from 2009 to 2019. These professionals guide individuals and groups in different fitness activities. The usual responsibility of a gym instructor is to help clients evaluate their level of physical fitness and achieve desired goals. As the number of people spend more money on getting fit and healthy body, the job opportunities of gym instructors and trainers is predicted to grow in a fast pace

8. Database Supervisors.

(Average Salary: $ 35,000) A career in the database supervisor field is expected to grow at least 44 per cent by the year 2019. Database supervisors usually work with database management systems to carry out data and transform these data in a comprehensive form. A skilled person will be responsible for analyzing every aspect of the company’s database system including functions, innovations, safety and the program on which the whole system is operating.

9. Veterinary Technicians.

(Average Salary: $ 20,000) A quality veterinary care is in great demand by most owners of pets and other animals. To offer this kind of service, veterinary technicians usually carry out medical examinations in animals. Most people in this field will normally find opportunities in wildlife, livestock management and farming.

10. Dental Hygienists.

(Average Salary: $ 18,000) Dental hygienists aid dental patients to develop and sustain oral health by conducting examinations in gums and teeth. These individuals are trained to use dental instruments and help a dentist in carrying out oral health services.

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