Authentic Lively-hood

This topic is close to my heart.  Please listen in as we discuss issues such as: The telltale signs that it’s time to make a change professionally; How to align how you work with what is truly important to you; How to recognize clues as to what authentic lively-hood is to you and other similar …

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Activate Your Resume

A resume is such a crucial part of your personal brand. You have one shot to make a good impression, presenting your experience and skills in a compelling way that gets attention. No wonder it can be such a stressful experience! Hear from two experienced career practitioners on what we’ve seen work best in this modern world …

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Overcome Fear and Become Invincible

Do you wonder just what you could accomplish if nothing held you back? A You Tube sensation and popular TEDx speaker, Jia talks  about a crushing defeat in his life and what he did next: a 100-day experiment to inoculate himself against the fear of rejection. The results were nothing short of remarkable. It changed his life, and started …

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The Importance of a Phenomenal Photo

Nancy Rothstein Photography Photographer Learn More About This Speaker Have you been wondering if you really need a professional headshot for LinkedIn? Nancy, my in-house professional photographer and a master at her craft, discusses: Why a professional photograph is essential, now more than ever How your photo can help or hurt your career Roadblocks to …

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From doer to leader, changing how we “win” on the job

When you achieve a certain level of success in your career, you eventually reach a point where you have advanced to the point where you are out of your comfort zone, where the ways you have previously operated to garner success, recognition and achievement do not work anymore.