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civil engineering jobs

Civil Engineering Jobs – What Does The Work Of A Civil Engineer Involve? Civil engineers plan, design, supervise and direct the construction of various structures such as buildings, roads, bridges, and water supply systems. With their knowledge on environment and its possible effects on a structure, they would see to it that the structure being built is as safe as possible. With this, they anticipate earthquakes, wear and tear and a lot more natural factors that would have a direct impact on the structure. Civil engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines and they have been recognized for creating the structures all of us use everyday.

This job would require a lot of mathematical and technological skills as the day to day tasks would deal with a lot of computations and planning. In order for civil engineers to be effective in their jobs, they also would have to be patient, hardworking and enduring.

Civil Engineering Jobs Outlook

Civil engineering is one of the oldest disciplines of engineering and it has never been out of the picture as this profession plays a very important role in society. With the increasing day to day demands, more opportunities are up for civil engineers.With the rise of infrastructure as well as the development of a lot of projects all over the country, it is highly expected that there would be a higher demand for civil engineers in the near future. The number of civil engineers is expected to increase by 18%.Another reason for the possible increase is because of an increase in population which would bring about the demand to create more structures in general. With these given reasons, civil engineers are given more opportunities.

Society relies heavily on civil engineers because of a lot of things. One is because civil engineers are in charge of keeping structures safe for everyone and another is that civil engineers are in charge of developing and creating new structures for society to use and that would increase the standards of living in a given community.

Civil engineers can work in a lot of companies and their day to day duties can vary depending on their work. Their work would require a lot of drafting, designing, and possess good technical knowledge.

Civil Engineering Jobs RequirementsFor a civil engineer to be able to practice his profession, he must first obtain a license of which can be obtained through a licensure exam. In order to be qualified to take the licensure test, one must also be a graduate of civil engineering. While these are the basic requirements, advanced positions for this job might require more training or even a master’s degree.

Since civil engineers can take part in a number of specialties, different training programs are available for every specialty. These would include structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, and transportation engineering. Some other training civil engineers can get are land surveying, water quality engineering, highway engineering, and computer processes.

Civil Engineering Jobs Salary ExpectationThere are a lot of factors that could affect how much a civil engineer would be earning. Civil engineers who are working for private architectural and engineering firms were some of the highest earning at an average annual salary of $78,000. Those working for local government earned slightly lower at around $74,000.

The mean annual salary for all civil engineers would be around $77,500 according to a survey conducted in 2007.

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