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Live, Learn, Earn — How Disney launches careers with their College Program

The Disney College Program is a paid internship, which means that you get to work at Walt Disney World. There are various jobs available. You can be chosen to be character performer, food and beverage worker, custodial worker and working at front desk at a Disney Resort hotel.

The Disney College Program gives students the chance to live, learn and earn during once-in-a-lifetime paid internships at the Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort. Students who participate in the internship program work for a world-renowned company that will stand out on their resume.

Disney offers numerous opportunities for on-site learning. Disney Collegiate courses are the equivalent of university courses and are endorsed for credit by the American Council on Education. Disney Seminar courses offer the unique opportunity to learn more about how the Walt Disney World Resort operates. Complete course descriptions are available through the  Disney College Program .

But the program is not all fun and games. The Disney College Program can be rough on a student’s schedule.

According to the  Disney College Program website , “The Disney College Program at the Walt Disney World Resort is a one-of-a-kind, Disney-designed combination of education and work experience.” This program offers three components which are marketed to students both nationally and internationally — live, learn and earn.

The Disney College Program is attractive to both students and parents interested in this unique experience. The College Program Recruiting Department recruits thousands nationwide through the use of Campus Representatives and effectively markets working with the Walt Disney Company as a career path and learning experience. An internship with Disney can lead to a career within their company. The magic of being a Walt Disney World cast member doesn’t have to start in Orlando.

As a Disney College Program participant, you’ll become part of the magic that is known worldwide. You’ll get valuable, on-the-job experience in our parks and resorts, and expand your knowledge in a classroom with international students. Discover new worlds and create long-lasting memories. Because here, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will change your life forever.

For Disney to attain the best talent for their company and retain these students, Professional Internships are available at the completion of the Disney College Program. Professional Internships are major specific internships and very specific in job function. During the duration of a Professional Internship, networking is the key to acquiring a future job. Disney Theme Parks and Resorts rely heavily on internal hiring, and once you are a cast member, internal job postings are available.

Disney College Program

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