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Highest Paying Careers – Getting One of the Careers That Can Actually Pay You 6 Figures! If you want to make more money, so that you will be able to live comfortably, then you will want to know the highest paying careers out there. These careers make money even in a tough economy. Most job seekers would measure professions and their careers on the money they can get. If this is your parameter, here is a list of the hottest and best-paying jobs today no particular order.

1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This people have the best-paying job in any company. This position is also one of the most popular in the business world. CEOs can make hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars every year.

2. Dentists. Dentists are one of the most popular medical doctors. Dentists work very often with surgical procedures but they can also cure and treat numerous diseases with the aid of prescription drugs. Dentists in the US are constrained by the American Dental Association (ADA).  The specializations in dentistry are oral surgery, public health dentistry, proshtodontics, endodontics and periodontics. To be a licensed dentist, a person should have a doctorate degree of Dental Medicine. They can earn around $ 150,000 annually.

3. Pharmacists. Unlike in other parts of the world, pharmacists are one of the hottest and best-paid careers in the US. Pharmacists are health professionals practicing pharmacy or the service for providing prescription drugs. Pharmacists also advice patients and give information on different drugs. They also manage drug therapy in certain instances. An average pharmacist could make $ 110,000 every year. 

4. Information Systems Managers. Information System Managers are generally needed by most companies who have automated systems and operations. Well, as most companies in the US are automated, system managers are in-demand. An average IS Manager can make at least $ 100,000 every year. 

5. Anesthesiologist. These are medical doctors who give anesthesia to patients who needs a surgical operation. As surgical operations are performed everyday in almost any hospital in the US, anesthesiologist is in high demand. Students, who want to pursue a career in anesthesiology, should complete four years of education in medical school training along with an internship in a respectable hospital for at least a year. Anesthesiologist can make $ 150,000 every year. 

6. Air Traffic Controllers. As air travelers are in constant increase in number, air traffic controllers are in great demand and one of the highest paying careers in the US. An average air traffic controller can make at least $ 100,000 per year. To be an air traffic controller, one should have a special education in aviation and air traffic control. 

7. Internists. An internist deals with the internal medicine that concerns with the diagnostics and non-surgical treatments of the internal organs. Internal medicine physicians have to study at least three years in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect humans. They are often consulted by other doctors for special cases and can make $ 160,000 every year. 

8. Marketing Managers. As businesses need to promote their products and services, a marketing manager is necessary for the smooth operation of a business’ marketing and advertising operations. A Marketing Manager can make at least $ 95,000 every year. 

9. Natural Science Managers. Natural Science Managers are needed to supervise science programs either funded by the government or a private organization. People in this field can make at least $ 90,000 every year. 

10. Judges. Lawmakers and law professionals are one of the increasing job opportunities in the home of the brave. Judges are individuals who preside over the events in a court of justice. Their qualifications, discipline and placement however varies from one place to another. In the US, a judge can make about $ 100,000 a year. 

Even if you have the highest paying careers in the world, keep in mind that not everything is about money.

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