iPhone Tips & Tricks You Should Know

The Best iPhone Tips And Tricks

The iPhone is already assured to be one of the best-selling Apple products of all time, and its launch is being awaited by millions of consumers around the world. Even though the iPhone has not actually been released yet, there are a number of iPhone tips and tricks that will come in handy learning now.

When it comes to iPhone tips and tricks, one of the best involves how you can make the low ringer on the iPhone louder. This is important because in fact one of the most common complaints about the iPhone is that it has such a low ringer volume. If you are one of the many people who finds this to be a problem, then at least there are iPhone tips and tricks you can use to do something about it.

You can easily resolve this issue by using a custom ringtone rather than those already available on the device, and make sure that the ringtone you choose is a loud, high frequency audio.

Another great tip involves how you can watch Google videos over your iPhone, and the process required here is incredibly easy as well. Since the iPhone’s Safari browser did not support Flash, the Apple Company therefore had to come up with a new application for the device which would allow streaming video to play on it, and yet it does not work on Apple’s new application.

You can however find various YouTube videos that give you step by step guides of the trick that is required to watch Google videos right from your iPhone.

Another of the best iPhone tips and tricks involves streaming audio from your iPhone to your Bluetooth headset. This is another important issue because many people were very disappointed when they learned that Bluetooth’s A2DP profile was not included in the iPhone feature list. In order to use Bluetooth, the device must be compatible with certain Bluetooth profiles.

To achieve this you will need to pair a Bluetooth headset with your iPhone, switch on the headset so that it can perform the handshake with the iPhone, and once you have done this you will need to go into the Visual Voicemail screen and tap the Audio button in the upper right hand corner. You will then receive an audio selection dialog, from which you select the Headset option, and then you switch over to the iPod and begin playing your music or video.

There are many other really great iPhone tips and tricks that you can use as well, all of which are really great because they allow you to get even more out of your iPhone device.

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