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Physical Therapy Career: How To Become A Physical Therapist

Physical therapists are health professionals that aid patients that have movement problems, pain in different areas, ease the various discomforts brought about by injuries and enhance mobility of a patient. In order for physical therapists to be able to do those tasks above, they do processes such as massaging, traction, electrical stimulation, stretching and ultrasound to patients. Patients that would need physically are generally those with movement problems such as disabled people and those suffering from disabling conditions.

A physical therapy may work in a lot of environments some of those being hospitals, clinics, schools, offices or institutes that have a lot to do with sports or physical activities. Therapy may range from short term to long term depending on the patients condition. Physical therapists are also expected to have good knowledge on their field of work as they are responsible of giving professional advice to those who need it. People who may hire physical therapists need not suffer anything; they could be anyone who would want to enhance movement such as athletes.Physical therapists are also expected to know how to operate rehabilitating devices such as treadmills, mats and weights in a way that it would aid in helping their patients..

While the job in itself is quite stressful as it would require a lot of physical activity including carrying, standing and massaging, the rewards of the job are good enough to keep practicing physical therapists on their jobs.

Physical Therapy Career Required Training And EducationSince the market for physical therapy is quite competitive, one must hold a master’s degree and an official certification in order to be able to practice the profession. If the competition continues to get tighter, a doctorate degree might be required in the future. While that is not yet the case, there are a lot of schools all over the country that offer the course. A practical college degree to pursue if one really wishes to pursue a career in physical therapy would be those heavily related to health sciences and mathematics, some of them being chemistry and biology.

Physical therapists are advised to complete courses in anatomy, physics, biology, social sciences, and mathematics.

Physical Therapy Career Job Outlook

Physical therapists had a greater demand in the past. This demand went down for a while and right now, the demand is rising again because of some reasons.According to an official survey, physical therapists held around 175,000 jobs in 2006. Some would work part time in different institutes while some would be employed full time. Most physical therapists would work in hospitals and in private physical therapy offices.

As the population ages, it is predicted that there will be a greater demand for physical therapists in the near futures especially those state of which a lot of retirees are settling down. Since physical therapists are also working in some sports facilities, the overall demand for them is also expected to increase as a lot of people are getting into sports.

Physical Therapy Career Salary ExpectationAverage annual earnings of physical therapists would be around $71,500 according to an official survey. Average hourly earnings on the other hand would be around $34.50. Those who are working for healthcare services would earn higher wages at around $79,000.Depending on the workplace, physical therapists may or may not be entitled to benefits. Hospitals and large firms in general generally provide their physical therapists with generous benefits.

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