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First, you should understand that the fast military loans do have a maximum. You can generally only borrow up to $3,000 at a time. If you need a larger loan, there are other ways to go. With a little research you will be able to find a military benefit that can help you in such a situation. For the purposes of military loans in general, though, we must look at a maximum of $3,000. Once you have your money, then you should think about how you pay it back.

Once you are approved for a first pioneer loan, you have access to your funds all year long, on any regular business day.

For most military loans, the member of the Air Force, Marines, or other branch of the military will get one full year, or 12 months, to pay back the money. The payments can be made a number of ways, which are totally up to you in most cases. You can pay monthly, weekly, or through your paycheck. It just depends on how you would like to set it up. Just remember, though, that even though the interest rate is low, you will likely be compounding it daily as your loan sits unpaid.

Pioneer loans are installment loans that are paid monthly, and can help you get out of debt, instead of sinking you further into debt.

The most common way to pay back your military loan is through allotments. When the money is taken directly from your military paycheck to pay off your military loan, you are taking late fees out of the equation. In fact, some companies will require that you pay back your loan this way. They know the money is coming, you don’t have to remember to write a check each month, and your entire loan will undoubtedly be paid off in time. It is a great deal.

While pioneer loan interest rates are competitive with credit cards, banks and credit unions, you may be able to obtain a lower interest, or no interest loan in certain situations through other organizations or entities.

You should note as well that there are no pre-payment penalties on military loans. No matter how early you pay off the money you borrowed, you will only pay the amount. No fees, no extra interest, and no problems with early payment. That means that you can save on interest if you are able to get the money together earlier. Good news for you and your bank account if you are a military personnel.

Pioneer loans offer competitive fixed rates, quick access to your money and no collateral is required. Our military friendly application is quick, confidential and secure.

Military loans are becoming a benefit that is used often by those in the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, or even National Guard. With the information above, you now have a better understanding not only of what a military loan is, but also how the repayment of such a loan is possible. It is a great way to get your emergency cash and the repayment is easy.

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