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A sales representative sells products in behalf of a company. They can sell through many ways. The traditional ways of how sales representatives would work is by direct selling which means that they would directly approach the client and sell the product. Nowadays, a very popular way of how sales representatives would sell is through phone. These types of representatives do not work on a field but indoors, most likely in a call center.

While most commonly, sales representatives would work for companies, they could also work for independent sales agencies whose clients could also be manufacturers or wholesalers. If this is the case, the sales representative would demonstrate the product to the client and show them how the specific product could benefit them.Sales representatives are present in any company that sells and they can sell a lot of things from medicines, technological products and a lot more. Since this is so, good knowledge about the product being sold is a good advantage.

Sales Career Job Requirements

This job does not have any clear educational requirements in fact; a lot of people without degrees have landed positions of sales representatives. While that is the case, having at least a bachelor’s degree would be and edge in order to get hired faster. For companies that sell scientific or technical products, having a college degree which would allow an applicant to be very familiar with the products being sold is a solid advantage.

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Job OutlookThere are about 2.1 million sales representatives in the country today. It is unclear whether this number would be growing or not because of a lot of reasons. One is that the alternative way of selling which is through a call center is getting more popular especially among those who are desperate for jobs. Employers of call centers also welcome a lot of applicants in. A threat to this notion is that competition is getting tighter for sales representatives since a lot of people are qualified for this position.Out of all those who would land being a sales representative, only a chosen few could actually advance to higher positions, those which would include supervisor, sales managers and vice president for sales.

Sales Career Salary Expectation

For sales representatives who sold technical or scientific products, mean average annual income is around $68,700. For those selling other products, mean average annual income is $50,750.

Sales representative are also entitled to generous benefits given to them by their companies. Most of these benefits would be directly related to the product of which the company is selling.

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