Sewing Business | How to Make Money with a Sewing Business

All of us dream of a career where we are our own bosses, we dream of a career where we are free to pursue our interest and garner an income because of it.

Sewing is a lost art but it is coming back faster than falling bricks.  Starting a sewing business at home gives you lots of freedom but it also requires lots of discipline.  Most who have a home-based sewing business are dressmakers and those who make wedding dresses of course.

A home-based sewing business is another great venture.  Having a sewing business is a great way to do something that you love, help other people and make some money all at the same time.  If you have sewing skills in this day and age, your business will be in demand.  There is becoming quite a shortage on people who have these kinds of skills.  One option is to create your own line of clothing, blankets and accessories and offer them for sale. 

The only equipment needed to start would be a good dewing machine and sewing supplies.  Later a computer to do online business would be a great avenue. There are some absolutely fabulous machines and software out there that do everything from intricate embroidery to monogramming shirts, jackets, and caps for all sorts of businesses and sports teams.

The home sewing and embroidery business is a lively industry.  Not only can you do fixing jobs, but you can do personalized orders as well.  You are free to do customized work and capture loyal customers who can in turn refer people to you.  Make a portfolio of your previous work and embroidery designs.  This will make it easier for embroidery clients to choose from. Home based sewing businesses have benefited from tremendous improvements in technology in the last few years.

When you work from home there are many tax deductions that will benefit you greatly.   Remember, everything you buy and use for your business, whether it be material, furniture, machines or sewing notions are all tax deductions.  

Once you’ve considered these aspects of home sewing businesses and have taken the plunge to actually start a home based sewing business, you want to get the word out. Put up a sign on your home space so people know you are in sewing business.  Have business cards ready.  Start with small orders first.  Do jobs for your relatives, friends and initially in your neighborhood.  Then slowly build up your practice by advertising through newspaper ads and create noise to attract more business.

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