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Stage Actors – What Does The Job Involve?A stage performer carries out a role which people are to see live on stage. They are responsible for giving that given role the right attitude and emotions, that role of which is also directed by the director and scriptwriter. While this job may have very rewarding pays, what actors would have to go through is not that easy. A lot of them would go unemployed during off season, get rejected numerous times for auditions and would go for intense competition for roles.

Unlike film actors wherein an actor would only have to do things just once, stage actors do everything live and would do the play over and over numerous times. Rehearsal is also critical and they rehearse much more than they perform; if they perform twice a week, they would rehearse around 3 to 5 times a week.One of the most popular types of stage performers that we see are the ones who would perform musicals, as these are one of the more popular types of stage plays.

Job Requirements

Having a degree in theater arts is not really the thing when directors or producers would hire actors, although this can be an advantage, there have been numerous stage actors who have entered the industry even without a degree. What they are more concerned of are talent and looks alone. As much as possible, those who would hire actors would look for people who are really fit for the roles they are looking for.

While an education is not necessary, there are a lot of things that a degree in fine arts can give to those who would really want to pursue acting in fact, some would even go up to a master’s degree. What is really needed here is a lot of training and workshops.

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In order to excel in acting, one must possess intensive creativity in order for them to be able to easily adjust to portraying different roles. One must also have the capacity to perform on stage, acrobatic ability is a keen advantage as some demanding roles would need this. Other important things are poise, ability to follow directions and the ability to put an impact into the audience.

Job OutlookThe number of stage actors is expected to grow just as much as other occupations mainly because stage plays are becoming more popular and a lot of elder actors are retiring, giving more opportunities to those who would want to pursue a stage acting career.Because of job irregularity, meaning that some stage performers do not get roles that often, not too much people are attracted to this job. As for those who still would want to pursue acting, they would have to put up with a lot of competition.

The issue here is competition as it is really stiff. In selecting actors, those who would be choosing would only take the best there are. Only the best looking, the most talented, the most energetic and the ones with the most experience will find good acting careers.

Salary ExpectationStage actors would often start out in high school and college pays. While this would not give them any salary at all, this would give them the training necessary if they really would want to pursue an acting career. This also gives them a chance to be discovered.

When starting out, actors can earn just about $11 per hour but if they would prosper, they could start earning as much as around $60 per hour.

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