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Stock Broker Career – What Does A Stockbroker Do?A stockbroker acts as a medium between sellers of stocks and buyers of it. With a stockbroker’s knowledge in finance, economics and other related factors, a stockbroker is able to advise and sell stocks that are up on the market, more than that, a stockbroker sees to it that the trade between buyer and seller goes smoothly as much as possible and at the same time, since stockbroker pay is commission based, a stockbroker would sell as much as he could.

Stockbrokers come with a complete portfolio of stocks that are up for sale and they know everything about these stocks as well as have good ideas of how the values of these stocks would behave. If not for this type of service, it might take years for someone who is interested in stocks to cross paths with someone that holds it.With the advancement of technology, stockbrokers nowadays are able to work through the internet just as if they were selling face to face. There are now online brokerage firms that could give information and trade stocks with very low costs and would do it accurately and much more convenient on behalf of those who are trading stocks.

Stock Broker Career – What Are The Job Requirements?

Basically, there are actually no specific educational requirements in being a stockbroker however; employers nowadays would look for people who have completed at least a bachelor’s degree. What employers are after is how teachable a person is and if his character is right for the job.While education is not actually a pre-requisite, there are some things that an aspiring stockbroker can learn for him to be competent in his field. Some ideal college courses could be finance, marketing, mathematics or economics since these courses would most likely have curriculums that would give an aspiring stockbroker a well rounded understand of how things are in the field.


For a stockbroker to be competent, he also needs to have the character right for the job. A stockbroker should have excellent communication skills for him to be able to sell stocks. One also must be always updated with stocks and how external factors around may be affecting stocks. Since this job has a lot to deal with numbers, a stockbroker should have good mathematical skills. If a stockbroker should lack in any requirements, some training is provided by the company which could really enhance a stockbroker’s skills.

Stock Broker Career Job Outlook

The demand for stockbrokers would depend heavily on how much people are getting into stock exchange and the number of people who would get into stock exchange would depend heavily on the economy. With how the economy is behaving lately, it can be said that the number of stockbrokers would just grow at the same rate of most other jobs in the market.

With a lot of people qualified for the job, this also poses up some competition. Those who have good educational backgrounds, good training and have the skills necessary, although they would be great prospects in the job market, would still have to prove themselves in competition with other people who are also qualified for the position.

Stock Broker Career Salary Expectation

Some stock brokers are salary based however, most of them would prefer to have commission based pay since this would generally give them more money. A stockbroker’s pay, when commission based would only depend on how much stock one is able to sell. Firms can give up to 10% commission plus benefits to stockbrokers.

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