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jason-alba-8930625 kc-baker-4867384 KC Baker International Thought Leadership Coach sherold-barr-3715690 Sherold Barr Consulting Inc. Master Coach + Freedom Fighter robbiekellmanbaxter_tcs-4239027 Peninsula Strategies Strategy Consultant & Author christine-carter-8422723 Greater Good Science Center Sociologist & Senior Fellow kristoffer_carter_tcs-9965542 This Epic Life Meditation Expert, Writer & Teacher amy_cuddy_tcs-7998523 Harvard Business School Social Psychologist & Professor louise-geokel-9302526 Let’s Go Forward! Career Consultant + World of Work Expert chris-guillebeau-tcs-7238635 Chris Guillebeau, Inc. Author & Founder of the World Domination Summit stephanie-gunning-6738377 Lincoln Square Books Publishing Consultant, Editor, and Founding Partner merideth-haberfield-6844382 Meredith Haberfeld Coaching Founder and CEO helen-horyza-5344306 Scully Career Associates MS, NCCC jia-jang-6174564 Fearbuster.com Entrepreneur / Blogger / Author / Speaker fred-kofman-tcs-2829354 LinkedIn Philosopher and Vice President simma-lieberman-9199118 Simma Lieberman Associates Workplace Culture Strategist dave-logan-tcs-7466938 CultureSync Senior Partner & President madelyn-mackie-4313158 Madelyn Mackie & Associates Resume Writer and Career Coach alison-maslan-7601035 Allison Maslan International CEO cassandra-massey-8101797 Law Office of Cassandra C. Massey, P.C. Personal Family Lawyer merideth-mehlberg-2683700 Merideth Mehlberg Int’l Executive Coach, Career Strategist & CEO erica-orange-1578570 The Future Hunters Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer christina-rasmussen-3377043 nancy-rothstein-7573398 Nancy Rothstein Photography Photographer pam-slim1-2978716 celia-stern-2409669 Stern Resources Interview and Job Search Consultant nicola-taggart-7711879 Nicola Taggart & Co Founder tess-vigland-tcs-8642348 Author, veteran journalist & former host of NPR’s Marketplace peter-weis-6183717 Matson Navigation VP and CIO

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