Allison Maslan

alison maslanAllison Maslan is the CEO of Allison Maslan International, a Global Business Mentoring Company. She was recently named “One of the Top Women Entrepreneurs Who Inspire” by Self Made Magazine. Number 1 Best Selling Author of the book, Blast Off! The Surefire Success Plan to Launch Your Dreams Into Reality, Allison has built ten successful companies from the ground up starting out as a single mom on her own. Allison has guided thousands of individuals to create to inner and outer wealth by helping them grow a prosperous business and a passionate life. As a world-renowned homeopath for the past 16 years, Allison’s work embodies a partnership of holistic balance, a zest for success, and the most innovative business strategies you will find anywhere. She is the Executive Producer and host of her own weekly online television show, Allie & You, The Business Success and Lifestyle Show. She has also been an expert guest on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox Stations across the US and appearing in the upcoming issue of Success Magazine.

Special Offer

Allison is offering Career Gold Club members a free bonus gift, “8 Millionaire Success Secrets for Entrepreneurs ” and special pricing on a year’s membership for her Interactive Life Coach software.  Click here to download your free CD and learn more about Interactive Life Coach.

Allison has also provided a PDF worksheet for Your Big Picture Vision as a companion to her talk on Visualizing Success; click here to download Your Big Picture Vision PDF.

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