Jia Jiang

jia-jang-300x300-9173699Jia Jiang has been getting standing ovations lately and for good reason. Jia’s subject, overcoming the fear of rejection, touches on our common fears. Jia is a keynote speaker and entrepreneur who knows rejection first-hand: his acclaimed 100 Days of Rejection project took him again and again into rejection’s core. Now he’s sharing those life-changing lessons.

His talks track his rejection-seeking odyssey, which took him into improbable, uncomfortable and often humorous encounters with judgment and fear. Asking a police officer if Jia could drive his car? Asking a pilot if Jia could fly his plane? Jia pulls audiences in by relating in an authentic, compelling voice that experiencing failure can be an inspiring stepping-stone to unleash personal potential.

Jia’s presentations resonate with people because they connect with our common fears. Out of his encounters came clear life lessons for the entrepreneur and the employee alike: Rejection, and its darkest shadow, fear of rejection, can be overcome and even celebrated.

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