Nicola Taggart

nicola taggartNicola Taggart has been designing and delivering personal and professional programs for more than 15 years. As a certified coach, speaker and facilitator, Nicola creates an experience for your group that combines motivational messaging, transformational activities, and practical take-away tools. Nicola is on a mission to help busy professionals who are juggling their career and kids to have and enjoy all that they desire and deserve.

Nicola is busy; blending businesswoman, mother, and wife (as well as a few other things). She speaks with humor and heart—sharing her own journey from overwhelm, resentment, and exhaustion to being more present, productive, and powerful—personally and professionally. She is a role model for having it all in a way that feels satisfying and successful; fun and fulfilling.

Nicola is also the creator of the ‘Calm the Chaos Journal,’ a simple tool to help people feel more present, productive and powerful in their otherwise chaotic days.

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